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Have you ever wondered what all the PMPs, the Fifth Degree Process Kata Thai Judo certified experts in project... actually do? Even with decades of experience, we couldn't answer that question. So we made a better way.

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Who we are

Pireactor is a strategic digital partner, essential in a world where online sales drive revenue. Pireactor reinvents global solutioning from resourcing to delivery - enabled by our proven & proprietary end-to end-methodologies & our global talent management system built on thirty years of combined industry experience across our founding team. In short, we are a startup ennabler, accelerating delivery of top quality products at a fraction of the cost. We unshackle funded founders and established businesses from lenghthy development cycles with our unparalleled leanmax global resourcing system.

We do not seek equity and. We accept select, funded engagements: ranging from feature addition to functionality extension to full product development, from initial conception/scoping through release-to-market. We also provide venture transformation including strategizing, visioning, planning and technical transformations.

Our Global Leads

  • John Vermazen Strategy & Engagements

    John Vermassen

    'Weird how they preach peak efficiency and innovation, then hire talent in the same fashion as manual gang-labor through history, not at all following in the well-ordered footsteps of the Ford production line.' The general attribute in the L to XXL programs John worked in as a tech consultant for institutional financial and information services in New York City was a persistent and complete lack of mutual faith that either the client firm or the consulting were engaged in a common purpose with clear goals.

  • John Vermazen Solutions and Releases

    Alex Alejandre

    Alex specializes in solution-tailored and team-centric architecture and implementation. Starting from a organization's business model and availible resources, he makes the proper compromises to achieve an optimal deployment able to be modularly updated in accordance to future needs. Applying the principles of industrial engineering and efficient factory planning to the bloated software engineering space, Alex applies his innate entrepreneurial mindset to optimize the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC). A language lover, Alex speaks German, Russian, French, Spanish and is delving into Persian and Arabic.

  • John Vermazen Resourcing and Insights

    Steven Vermassen

    In today's rapidly changing industry, Steven would have arguably graduated as a data scientist, but in the world of yesterday he made himself an engineer with a bent for high-load algorithmic mathematics. He chose to travel light and selected projects that kept his work and life balanced and his intellect clear. In effect, he practiced field triage as a delivery trauma surgery for software projects found flipped with all 6 axels spinning. He brings the bottom-up post mortem of the contemporary software industry.

  • John Vermazen Product Ownership

    Justyna Borwik

    Responsible for effort allocations, workflow control and coordinating discrete business lines, Justyna uses advanced actuarial tools and project management expertiese to price new ventures and allocate comesmurate resources to them. She is a key mentor to product managers and actively develops resources and engineering relationships throughout Central Europe.


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