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Pireactor accelerates your business roadmap, giving you peace of mind to focus on your core competencies by taking charge of the entire product development cycle. This makes your startup better. Faster and leaner, you're no longer shackled to internal resources, knowledge and hiring pipelines but can build what you need to land your next client. Pireactor's subject matter experts work with discipline and avoid scope creep.

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We develop projects for clients from all over the world

How We Work

Our Services

  • Global Strategy

    Powered by worldclass doers familiar with the bleeding edge, we help businesses achieve better business outcomes with honesty. Analyzing your usecase, we will choose the best technology, not the most popular.

  • Architecture

    Above all, we pride ourselves in clearly documenting your business logic and processes in order to craft productivity boosting solutions or automate them entirely. We then create the most practical and expandable architecture for your unique use cases allowing quick, clean implementation.

  • Automation

    Expand your data engineering with AI augmented and RPA driven approaches. With dozens of projects behind us, we build scalable, efficient operations and drive powerful growth. Replace outdated manual processes with the smarter reusable algorithms, artificial intelligence, and BOTS.

  • Blockchain

    Embrace digital transactions by harnessing [pi|reactor]'s strategic coin development services to foster your business growth. Our globalized experts craft intelligent strategies around centered on core use cases and implementation. We have real-world experience delivering comprehensive offerings from ideation and coin development, to ICO and marketing for clients across all industries.

  • Wallets and Exchanges

    Our strategically designed services cater to your neesd, whether centralized, decentralized or P2P. Multicoin wallets are key to securely storing the full spectrum of crypto assets. We offer turnkey best practices to add extra layers of security to any exchange or app, using industry standard features like 2FA, multisig support and biometric authentication.

Technologies We Love

Our technology expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Front end

    Typescript, GraphQL, Flutter, React, Angular

  • Backend

    Go, Rust, C

  • UX/UI Design

    Figma, Adobe Ilustrator

  • Databses

    PostgreSQL, MarkLogic, MongoDB, Reddis

  • ML and Big Data

    TensorFlow, PyTorch

  • Cloud + Containers

    AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

Need an MVP?

Let's arrange a call where we can discuss your project and determine if you're a good fit.